Deportation and Removal Defence

When you encounter a deportation issues, you must seek defence right away. Tenberg Law Offices, LLC will represent you at an immigration court and will assist you with any appeals should it become necessary.

Legal protection from deportation

Deportation/Removal procedure is an official procedure that leads to a removal of a foreign national from the territory of the United States. Deportation/Removal of immigrants is carried out on the basis of an immigration court’s decision. When seeking a relief from deportation/removal, you must engage a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer, who has experience in deportation/removal proceedings and who can handle your specific case and provide protection from deportation. Tenberg Law Offices, LLC is highly qualified to provide you with representation in immigration courts and at the appeallate level. Contact us at any convenient time via hotline 1(267)664-6769 and we explain your legal rights and will find the best solution for you.

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