Green Card for Human Trafficking and Crime Victims

When seeking a green card for human trafficking and crime victims, you can entrust your case to Tenberg Law Offices, LLC.

How can I apply for a green card for human trafficking and crime victims

Victims of human trafficking and other crimes may apply for a shelter and may seek immediate protection in the United States. For this category of survivors, America’s government specifically issues U visa and T visa that may further lead to a green card for human trafficking and crime victims. These visas benefit its holder with an opportunity to temporarily remain and work in the United States and also bring their family. An individual is eligible for U visa or T visa if he or she fell victim to a physical or psychological abuse and assists law enforcement in a crime-solving process. When this difficult process is over, you still need a reliable, experienced, and helpful immigration lawyer who will take care of your permanent residence issues. Tenberg Law Offices, LLC is available 24/7 via hotline at 1 (267) 664-6769 to immigrant victims of crime in order to consult and provide expeditious legal assistance.

Types of Green Cards

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