Green Card for Multinational Managers and Executives

Larisa Tenberg, Esq. assists individuals in obtaining a green card/permanent residence for multinational managers and executives.

How to receive a green card for multinational managers and executievs

Diversity creates space for extraordinary ideas that can catapult businesses to new heights. These days, American businesses strive to attract more qualified professionals at the managerial or executive levels from outside the United States and assist those candidates in obtaining their permanent residence/ green card through a specific category for multinational manager or executives. This is the perfect opportunity for business owners who want to expand their businesses to the US market by sending knowledgeable employees to America. To qualify for this employment-based cagegory and apply for permanent residence/ green card, an individual must have held a managerial or executive position for at least one year at a firm or corporation outside the USA and with the same employer, an affiliate, or a subsidiary of the U.S. employer.

When seeking a green card for a manager or an executive, you need comprehensive guidance of a reliable immigration attorney who can handle all your immigration-based legal matters. Larisa Tenberg, Esq. is your trusted advisor and assistant on your way to the job of your dream. Tenberg Law Offices, LLC is available 24/7 via hotline 1 (267) 664-6769 to help with your specific case.

Types of Green Cards

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