National Interest Waiver based Green Card

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How to get a National Interest Waiver Green Card

Obtaining an employment-based green card is a time-consuming process involving paperwork, labor certification, and endless waiting period. However, foreign nationals with extraordinary abilities or advanced degree in business, science, and arts may petition for a national interest waiver green card to shorten a green card processing time. The NIW green card is designed as a self-petitioned visa and in order to apply for it an individual must file an I-140 form on behalf of him/herself without involvement of a sponsor. The green card is granted to those whose employment in the United States may benefit the nation. There is no standard of “National Interest”, so each case is considered on an individual basis. To get prepared and have a better chance at obtaining a green card for people seeking a national waiver, you need help of the professional immigration attorney Larisa Tenberg who has been helping foreign nationals get a permanent residence and continue their careers In the United States. Contact Tenberg Law Office 24/7 at 1 (267) 664-6769 to discuss your unique case.

Types of Green Cards

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