Green card for victims of abuse

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How to petition for a green card for victims of abuse

Immigrants have always been the most vulnerable segment of our society and, in most cases, they feel helpless when they fall victims to domestic violence. US government specifically benefits immigrant spouses, children, and parents related to abusive US citizens or green card holders and protects domestic violence survivors by providing them with the right to obtain a green card for victims of abuse. This green card is self-petitioned, which means that an individual may apply for permanent residence without the support of an abusive relative. As an immigration attorney, Larisa Tenberg has been helping victims of abusive relationships find the protection by explaining to them their legal rights and assisting in obtaining a domestic violence green card. You may contact Tenberg Law Offices at any convenient time via hotline at 1 (267) 664-6769 and discuss your legal option for your unique case in order to become a lawful permanent resident of the United States.

Types of Green Cards

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